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Pi Panda Cams and Laser Lightsabers [Maker Update #25]

This week on Maker Update. A laser-powered lightsaber, a new 3D printer feature, rock music with actual rocks, Pi panda cam, high-tech ro-sham-bo, and why I’m building a Hello Kitty car. SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE 

Project of the Week

Laser-powered Lightsaber by Scott McIndoe

DIY Laser Powered Lightsaber
Photo and project by Scott McIndoe.


Prusa/Slicr variable layer height

Sample prints from Prusa Research
Image by Prusa Research.

More Projects

Mechanical Xylophone by neilmendoza

Rock Back electro musical installation by Neil Mendoza.
Project by Neil Mendoza.

Pi Panda Cam

Camera feed for the San Diego Zoo:

San Diego Giant Panda Bear Camera Feed
Panda photo courtesy of the San Diego Zoo Giant Panda Cam.


Spark Fun Roshamglo board

SparkFun RoShamGlo board
Board and photo by SparkFun.

GoKart Crowdfunding

Kitty Grabs Back chassis.
A recent photo of the custom built car chassis for the Kitty Grabs Back.

Contests Ending Soon

Build a Tool




Maker Faires
Grenoble France
Reston, Virginia USA
Dillingen-Saar Germany

Hackaday Unconference in SF, LA & Chicago

Hackaday Unconference

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