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5 Ways to Slice a Raspberry Pi [Maker Update #14]

This week on Maker Update, highlights of the best projects from our WD Labs Raspberry Pi contest, Minecraft in your Pocket, Coding for Medieval Glory, Fish Feeders, Alien Finders, and a maker show to put in your queue. SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE

Submitted Projects

Pi Hole sent by John Kearney
BOINC and SET @ Home sent by Ryan Campbell
Pi LightShow sent by Zach Carson
3D Scan sent by Joe Villavicencio
Mini Magic Mirror sent by Marie Godyn


Radiation Logger sent by Abdulrahman Yousif Abdalla
Automated Marionette sent by Thomas
Pi Fish Feeder sent by Nick
Pi VOiP Intercom sent by Clay Cooper

Wins a WD Labs PiDrive kit:

Winning Project Idea

Raspberry Shake sent by Caleb J

Wins a WD Labs PiDrive Compute Centre:

Visit our Show Sponsor, WD Labs:


New Science Robotics Online Magazine
Berkeley’s SALTO robot
Panel Mount Mini USB
Panel Mount Minijack
PocketCHIP Gets Minecraft
Learn Coding While Playing Games with @CodeCombat
White Rabbit Project now on Netflix


ITP Winter Show

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